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"The time in your twenties is a chance to really pursue your dreams,you have no obligations you can work 24/7 and have nothing to loose."

So yesterday as some of you may know was my birthday and that quote,got me thinking about how hard I have been working and I still am.... in my twenties and to be honest I have no regrets.I quit my 9 to 5 job to concentrate on my business and to pursue my dreams on fashion,something that am really passionate about.You see such drastic moves you can only make in your twenties when you have no obligations whatsoever.Am currently working so hard so that when I get to my thirties...the big 3.0 as they say it I may have no regrets whatsoever and I will comfortably settle down in life and just enjoy life.You know having a stable business,being married to the man of my dreams,having beautiful babies and living comfortably,that's my dream.What are your dreams and ambitions in your twenties?I would love to know if perhaps we share the same ambitions!

Outfit Details

sassy peplum top - Serinda Fashions 0728224901

Black tights - bought it from the streets CBD

Nude Heels - Jumia Kenya

Pink Bag - Vonette Boutique

Photography By Steve Inc

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  1. You killing it girl! Happy Belated Birthday..


  2. Happy belated Von.Ageing sexy!

  3. I like the tights. Which street was that?


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