Kenyan Fashion Bloggers Challenge: Fashion For Peace

The recent Garissa attack left me feeling outraged,so inhumane how the Alshabaab killed innocent university students.I know words can't even express what the families who lost their loved ones are going through.May the souls of the students who were killed rest in peace and may God console their families.In solidarity Kenyan fashion bloggers came up with an all white outfit challenge for this month,I wasn't able to do my shoot on time as the day I was meant to,I fell sick but all the same I have shared an all white outfit I wore here .

                               Maureen Bandari :

                              Nelly :

                             Mumbi Shokey :

                              Anita Gaitho

                                  Michelle :

                                  Ms Kibati :

                               Gabrielle :

                              Silvia Njoki :

                                   Sienna Barley :

                                 Winnie :

God Bless Kenya

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  1. you girls looked so graceful in white, you rocked!!

  2. www.belindabeehoney.comJune 24, 2015 at 1:17 AM

    Your outfit is stunning


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