Spa Day at Riena Family Spa

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So earlier today Lucia & I went to the new spa in town Riena Family Spa which is located at Toto Drive,Garden Estate Road,Ridgeways.I must say the Interior decor is quite stylish,its one of those places that make you feel you have arrived honey!(in Nene Leakes voice).
I will be sharing photos of the beautiful Riena Family Spa in my next post trust me you don't want to miss out on that.Here are more pics that give a glimpse of how we enjoyed ourselves at the spa.

Ladies have you been to a spa before?what was your experience like?would love to hear about it.Personally I would recommend Riena Family spa the environment is quite serene,customer service is just the best,the interior decor is to die for try it out and you will love it.Also do pass by Lucia Musau's Blog as she also shares her experience too.

Outfit Details

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Denim rugged jeans - Vonette Boutique

Denim Shirt - Vonette Boutique

Scarf - Serinda Fashions

Red Heels - bought them online

Photography by Kevin Buo

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