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"Truth is everyone is going to hurt you,you just got to find the ones worth suffering for" - Bob Marley

I came across this famous Bob Marley quote on the internet,you know I love quotes that speak to me and this quote got me thinking...how  we give so much of ourselves to people we love especially if you in a relationship with that special someone.Well let me tell you my story

A couple of months back I was dating this guy that I honestly liked so much.He swept me off my feet the first few months  and I was quite impressed.A few months into the relationship we started having fights,you know..the normal fights couples have and I thought we would get past it just like the other fights we had and besides it wasn't such a big deal, I thought.
 Suddenly "the boyfriend" stopped returning my calls texting me back,keep in mind this is someone who did call me/text me every hour of the day.I was really hurt and I couldn't comprehend what was going on.There is nothing as bad as when someone doesn't respond to your text messages for days that end up turning into weeks.

When he finally came around we talked about our issues and I tried to understand him but I felt like he showed me a side to him that really shocked me because I thought  if roles were to be reversed I wouldn't mistreat him the way he did .You see I love me and I always put myself first ,when someone hurts me I really try to understand them and where they are coming from and vice versa.Anyway we eventually broke up as it just wasn't working out between us and I experienced so much hurt in the short time we were dating and that's when it hit me that everyone is going to hurt you at some point in life we just have to find the ones who are worth it,you know...those who hurt you but still make you a better person out of it all.

Are the people around you worth suffering for?

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  1. I agree.Looking fab.

  2. That is actually a sad yet educative story. Sadly one I have heard quite a number of times. It's actually quite hard to comprehend 😓 ...sorry you had to go through that.


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