Random Musings Monday

Happy Monday beautiful people!

Random musings Monday will from now on be a regular feature on the blog. Basically it is about  random happenings  in my life and the lessons I have learnt.

Years back when I started blogging I was full of energy and so happy to have discovered the other side of the world where fashion existed.I remember discovering new styles and trying out different fashion trends.It took me like a year before I started sharing my outfit posts.I remember I would make my friends take photos of what am wearing and I would instantly share them on my blog .I have to admit it took quite some courage for me to share my passion for fashion with the world because back then I wasn't sure about my style and I worried so much that people would judge me harshly.

At some point in 2012 I almost gave up.I felt like maybe I was trying too much because at around that time other Kenyan fashion bloggers were gaining so much recognition and I would compare myself to them and felt I wasn't worthy being a fashion blogger.

But then again I had a few people who believed in me like some of my friends,my ex boyfriend, they kept on encouraging me and I prayed to God to show me the vision for my blog. In 2013 I finally took my blog seriously and brands started approaching me and that really felt good,before I knew it my blog was finally sustaining itself in one way or the other.I started being invited to events,getting features on different publications from magazines to newspapers.Photographers also wanted to work with me and my passion for fashion grew so much that now I run my own boutique.

My advice to anyone out there struggling with their dreams and ambitions is  NEVER give up!Your success is around the corner.Keep on doing what you love,don't do it for money or fame,do it for the love  and everything else will fall  to place.I may not be where I want to be right now but am grateful for where I am and the lessons learnt along the way.

Outfit Details here

Have a lovely  week




  1. For a starter like me I must confess that there are so many times I have felt like giving up but at the end of the day I've come to realize that I do love and enjoy fashion blogging after all and that is what has kept me going and I believe the rest will obviously fall into place..
    Thanks for this..feeling all sorts of motivated right now..xx


  2. Von I feel encouraged and yeah Never Give Up..........I love that look pretty and the hair style is gorgeous.

  3. You are an amazing woman Vonette both in person and the content you put out here on your blog.Keep growing strong.

  4. #neverGIVEup thank you for such an encouraging read :)


  5. This is so encouraging! It took me also so long before I gained the courage to have my own blog and now it feels so good to have one! Amen to more amazing posts dear๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  6. Thank you so much,that really means much to me!I really appreciate!

  7. For sure it will eventually,am glad I made you feel motivated Linda!


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