5 Essential steps to achieving your goals

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I hope the new year is treating you well. Personally, I can't complain so far so good. Toward's the end of 2015, I was seeing so many posts across the internet about new year's resolutions . I cringed at the thought of making resolutions and I was like  I won't be making any as I usually end up ignoring them mid January . So to make it easier I came up with a "to achieve list in 2016 ". I will share with you my 5 tips on how  to achieve your new years resolutions or rather your goals.

1 . Write down your resolutions
 Get a diary/notebook/journal/piece of paper/type it on your Ipad/tab/laptop and write down what you would like to achieve . This way you can always go back and you are more likely to achieve your goals if you write them down.

2. Set time lines
Set time lines on when you would like to achieve the goal you have in mind. This helps you to be accountable in achieving your goal .If you have target to achieve something/anything you will always work extra hard to make sure you beat the deadline.

3. Visualize your goal
If you visualize what you would like to do you are already half way there , i.e if one of your goals is to travel to New York in August ,visualize on how New York looks like,do research on the beautiful places there and imagine yourself in that beautiful restaurant in New York . Trust me there is power in that .

4. Prioritize your goals
Start with the ones that are important,this way you won't be overwhelmed or be all over the place with your goals. You are able to give the ones that need special attention first .

5. Take action
Keep track of your progress by going back and ticking off the list what you have achieved and what you haven't achieved yet keep working on that over and over until you reach the ultimate goal .

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Now you have no excuse for  not achieving your goals! Thank you for stopping by and do share with me your tips on achieving your goals on the comment section.



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