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My stash of magazines

I'm an addict of magazines . I have a stack of magazines in the house and my mum came across them and she was so shocked that I have so many magazines. That photo just shows a third of them . Thanks to the digital age , we now can read magazines on-line . The advantage of this is that its less bulky , you get a variety of magazines to read at a cheaper price, did you know that a vogue magazine sold in the supermarkets the latest issue costs roughly about kshs 2,500 that's really expensive compared to buying a subscription on line where you get an issue for less and a variety of magazines while at it .
Now let me introduce you to Magazinos . A digital version of a magazine and newspaper store with the best and the most exclusive magazines and newspaper for discerning clientèle.

reading cosmopolitan the Kardashian issue

I would also like you my beautiful readers to experience this for FREE!Yes simply sign up on and use VONETTE as your promo code and guess what!You get free subscription for 3 months.You get to read the latest issue of Vogue,Cosmopolitan among others.The website also has different magazines including  sports magazines,home and living magazines so go on,sign up and get to enjoy Magazinos!

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