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Its been a while since I had a random musings post . It's 10 pm and I just felt inspired to share with you the 10 life lessons am learning in my 20s. In our 20s is when we are laying the foundation in our lives,I feel like it's a make or break stage and I have learnt a few tough lessons . Here goes!

1. Love yourself more because no one else is going to do that better than you . I know for a fact if you don't love yourself more you will always end up looking for someone to fill that void and there isn't any one who can do that . Once you love yourself,everything automatically falls into place,from meeting that special someone to making new friends who share similar values with you.

2. You may make bad decisions and that's okay . We live and we learn so don't be afraid to fail,rise up and keep on trying .Don't give up.

3. Its okay to try new things . 20s is the perfect time to take out risks . I remember some time back I saved up money and flew to Abu Dhabi for an airline job interview unfortunately I didn't get the job but to be honest I enjoyed the trip so much as it was my first time to leave Kenya. It felt magical.

4. Relationships can make you go crazy but never let them get the best of you . I don't even want to get started on this . Its been a roller coaster ride for me.

5. You cant party like you used to. As you grow older you kind of get bored of partying at some point and if you still are,the recovery process is just something else,sigh!

6. You won't have as many friends as you used to . I can comfortably count the number of close friends I have and I kid you not they are not more than 3. My closest friends are the ones I look up to when am in need and I trust them to be there for me.

7. Bills,bills,bills....responsibility slowly checks in . At some point in my life I had numerous bills to pay at times  I would even forget others . That's the painful part about growing up.

8. No good will come from comparison . Ive learnt that everyone has their own path in life. If my best friend is married with kids that's okay,that's her path and not mine . So there's no need to rush into things just to be the same as my friends .

9. Stop worrying about what other people think . Most of the time we worry what people will think of us when we make our own choices in life . Stop worrying and do you boo because those who matter don't mind and those who do don't matter.

10. Last but not least,always trust your gut. Always trust your instincts,your know that inner voice that sometimes tells this is not right....always trust it.

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