Cashmere Poncho Sweater

I'm currently crushing on this beautiful cashmere poncho sweater that I got from Floclaire .First of all you know how much I love colours,so the pink and blue colour block immediately sparked my attention.You can pair it with neutral colours like black,beige and brown.Also you can poncho doesn't necessarily have to be worn with pants,a pencil skirt would look so lovely with it as well.Apart from poncho sweaters that are a must have during this cold season,capes too are the in thing.Stylish and perfect for the cold weather.

I enjoy shopping at Floclaire because they give you styling tips besides helping you with trying out the outfits.So if you are looking for stylish unique outfits,drop by at Floclaire they are located at Krishna center on mezzanine floor room B14.

Here are more photos of the beautiful Cashmere Poncho sweater

Outfit Details

Cashmere Poncho sweater -  Floclaire (0728122252)

Black high waist jeans - Floclaire

Red Vest - Floclaire

statement neck piece - Floclaire

Caged Heels - Mavazi (0720978282)

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