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So I was featured on the Nairobian news paper last Friday and I was so happy to see myself on a 2 page spread on the newspaper,I mean opportunities like this don't come easy for us bloggers,you have to really work hard to be buzz worthy.

I got a couple of congratulations from my friends,from phone calls,text messages and DM's. I was really humbled for sure but on the flip side I kind of felt this pressure of the need to do better. Personally I felt that being in the papers wasn't such a big deal as I've heard a couple of press mentions like the one I had back in 2014 In the Business daily,you can read about it here . I always see myself as a regular girl but now people look at me like the fashion IT girl as much as I'm not in the clique of fashion bloggers who are always flown by brands in and out of the country,fashion bloggers with flawless make up and whom have superb home decor. In essence am the regular girl who has bad hair days but will still walk out of the house like" whatever I still good".

You see, the thing is what I post on social media just sums up 10% of my life , just like everyone else I have days that I barely dress up you know like sneakers,t shirt and jeans kinda of days,so anyway  this week has been full of self doubt you know wondering if I'm as good as people portray me to be?
Through this I have learnt that I need to focus on myself and think about the reason as to why I started blogging in the first place and always give myself credit,I mean c'mon I deserve it whether I'm where I want to be or not.

Am greatful to Connie Alouch and the Nairobian team. Thank you for the feature.

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