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Happy Monday darlings!

Hope you have been keeping well. I took a short hiatus from social media because of reasons beyond my control, all the same am glad to be back in this happy space.
So I recently went through a crazy phase,you know when you badly want something and work extra hard just to get it but in the end you don't ?  well I went through one of those moments recently and I couldn't understand why things didn't go my way. It got me thinking that at times God doesn't give us everything that we think we deserve because at times you end up getting it and make a complete mess of it,sometimes we pray for things that we aren't ready for, we ask for something real but we don't have the faith to believe its not too good to be true.We ask for trust but we are not strong enough to be vulnerable.

Whenever things don't work out as planned always know there is a reason for everything maybe the timing isn't just right.maybe there are a few things we should learn before hand or better yet there is something/someone or a better opportunity, So don't be so hard on yourself,let everything fall into place and believe in God's timing.

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