Event recap: Black Opal cocktail

Vonette,Bee,Kanana and Crystal

The moment I got an invite to attend the black opal cocktail event courtesy of Lintons beauty,I got really excited because my go to foundation has always been black Opal.
Black Opal is a renowned beauty brand-experts in developing premium quality skincare and cosmetics that compliment and embrace all faces of beauty.The event was well attended by makeup artists,fashion bloggers,models and stylists.Makeup artists Willy Collins and Andy Nicole did makeup demonstrations on two different models one light skinned and the other one was dark skinned,they gave us advice on how to use black opal products correctly according to our skin types.

MUA Willy Collins with model Kanana



I had a chance to interact with different makeup artists and it was quite exciting listening to their makeup advice.The makeup artists I had a chance to interact with included Nzilani Kimani , Kanana ,mshy makeup and Kemmy.

MUA Andy Nicole with model



Crystal and Makeup artist Kanana

I would love to hear your take on black Opal products,have you tried their foundation or any of their products?did you like it?Is there something you wish they could do different?Please leave your comments/views on the comment section.

Photo credits - I took the photos by myself,I feel really proud ,thinking of taking up photography on the side...hahaha just kidding!

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